Club History

The Zebras have been represented by many ‘Socceroos’ over the years, recently including the likes of Mark Bresciano, Danny Tiatto, Paul Wade, Mike Petersen, Mehmet Durakovic, Andrew Zinni, Fausto De Amicis, Billy Celeski and Michael Theoklitos

Recent Achievements include:
Victorian Premier League Champions 1998, 2004
Victorian Premier League Runners Up 1997, 2007
Victorian State League Division 1 Champions 2011


It was in this war that a Carmelite monk by the name of Agostino Francesco Galanti served as a chaplain in the Italian army. Captured in Libya and sent to a prisoner of war camp in Victoria, Australia, once released he would stay in Australia and become a part of the already established Italian community.

Friar Galanti happened to be a monk who loved football and believed that by establishing a community football club that it would offer the youth in the Italian community a healthy and sportive outlet. So he enlisted the services of friend Rino Fontana who had been a member of the earlier Savoia football team.

A community meeting gathered in 1948 and the club Brunswick Juventus was born, named in honour of the great Turin club because of the name’s political neutrality (Virtus was also considered), with the club deciding on the main principles of political-neatrality and admission to all regardless of background and town born in (as Italy itself was still a newly uniformed country, with some division still remaining to this day). The early days of the club revolved around heavy running and fitness training and all other assorted methods to get an amateur football club combative, and the club eventually was promoted into the Victorian State Second Division in its third year and then into the First Division in its fifth.

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