Discrimination, harassment and abuse in sport can have detrimental effects not only for the individuals involved but also for the sporting organisation. It can result in low morale, high turnover of players and or volunteers, legal liability and long-term damage to the club’s reputation.

To prevent these destructive and harmful outcomes from occurring, BJFC is committed to implementing and maintaining practices and procedures that protect the rights of everyone involved with the club.

1. Purpose of Our Policy
The main objective of our Member Protection Policy (policy) is to maintain responsible behaviour and the making of informed decisions by participants in this club. It outlines our commitment to a person’s right to be treated with respect and dignity, and to be safe and protected from abuse. Our policy informs everyone involved in our club of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities and the standards of behaviour that are required. It also covers the care and protection of children participating in our club’s activities. 

2. Who Our Policy Applies To
Our policy applies to everyone involved in the club including committee members, administrators, coaches, team managers, officials (umpires/referees/judges), support personnel, players, parents and spectators.

3. Extent of Our Policy
Our policy covers unfair decisions and actions, breaches of our code of behaviour and behaviour that occurs at practice, in the clubrooms, at social events organised or sanctioned by the club (or our sport), and on away and overnight trips. It also covers private behaviour where that behaviour brings our club or sport into disrepute or there is suspicion of harm towards a child or young person.

4. Club Responsibilities
We will:
implement and comply with our policy;
promote our policy to everyone involved in our club;
promote and model appropriate standards of behaviour at all times;
respond to breaches or complaints made under our policy promptly, fairly, and confidentially; seek advice from and refer serious issues to governing bodies.

Serious issues include unlawful behaviour that involves or could lead to significant harm and includes criminal behaviour (e.g. physical assault, sexual assault, child abuse) and any other issues that our state or national body request to be referred to them.

5. Individual Responsibilities
Everyone associated with our club must:
comply with the standards of behaviour outlined in our policy;
treat others with respect; always place the safety and welfare of children above other considerations; be responsible and accountable for their behaviour;

Follow the guidelines outlined in this policy if you wish to make a complaint or report a concern about possible child abuse, discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour.

BJFC - Member Protection Policy 2024

Complaints’ procedure – Please refer to How to lodge a complaint in the Club Charter Section of this website.

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