Club Officials

Dominic Montesanno
President of Brunswick Juventus

John Ruffino 
Vice President

Robert Sturma

Natasha Carlesso

Joe Carnuccio

Neno Mariani

Lou Nardella

Steven Tortosa

Bruno Pronesti

Rabei Alhadad

Michael Viscione

Fulvio Antonelli

Vince Montesanno

Simon Chiarelli

Christie Vernucci

Club Executive Positions:
President – Dominic Montesanno, Football Federation Victoria. Moreland Council. All areas.
Vice President – John Ruffino, Operations, Moreland Council, My Football Club, all areas.
Secretary – Natasha Carlesso, Public Officer, Governance. All Areas
Treasurer – Rob Sturma, Financial Accounting & reporting of all Club areas. FFV.

General Committee Members:

Fulvio Antonelli: Commercial Marketing and Sponsorship Manager/Media Manager

Steve Tortosa: Communications / Marketing / Miniroos Administration

Lou Nardella: NPL  Juniors Administration

Bruno Pronesti: NPL Juniors Administration

Rabei Alhadad: Miniroos Administration

Christie Vernucci: Club Welfare Officer

Neno Mariani: Senior & U20’s Football

Michele Viscione: Over 45’s Masters Administration

Joe Carnuccio: Juniors Girls and Senior Women’s Football Administration 

Vince Montesanno: Metro Team Administration

Simon Chiarelli: Legal affairs  

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